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Senegal acquires the VEPRO Telemedicine Solution

Senegal acquires the VEPRO Telemedicine Solution
New innovative solutions - a benefit, especially for the people.

The Senegalese cities of Dakar, Thies and Diourbel will setup a new and innovative cloud based medical solutions PACS, VIS and VHP developed and installed by Germany based VEPRO AG early next year.

"Physician shortage is a top theme in Senegal and in addition, a lack of infrastructure and outdated technologies in the hospitals. To improve and to ensure patient care innovative solutions need to be created", Wolfgang Kersten, Member of the Board of VEPRO AG Germany said. "We have developed solutions for all those existing needs and it is now important to implement them. We look forward to this exciting and highly interesting task, which, by the way, may not exceed the set budget".

All hospitals receive, in addition to cutting-edge modalities and new Radiotherapy, a new Patient Entry Portal which is a component of the overarching VEPRO information system. Through registration, all tasks, including service requests will be created and forwarded electronically to the appropriate departments of the hospitals.

The modalities receive these tasks through the VEPRO System and will send the image and film data to the VEPRO EMR Manager (PACS). With the help of VEPRO EMR Manager both, the Diagnostic Information and Reports plus the appropriate Performance Documentation will be created. All documents are automatically routed through the "medical cloud" so that everyone who is entitled has an access and gain insight into the medical history of each patient "on-demand".

If for instance second opinions are needed for diagnostic purposes, the appropriate medical professionals can be informed via eMail and SMS. This added diagnostician provide their respective results to the requesting physicians also on the cloud. Even referrals or external diagnosis are mapped via cloud by order so that from an external view an almost paperless workflow can be guaranteed.

Wolfgang Kersten

Member of the Board

What is the advantage of this complete solution?

Existing resources of doctors are better utilized, long distance travels can be prevented and patients receive their analysis and results much faster. Additionally, with this solution, a quick Return on Investment is ensured.

The winners of this innovative solution are all involved parties of the Senegalese health system. The medical expert staffs, the Ministry of Health and especially the patient.