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Pfungstadt, 13th of December 2013

Trinidad & Tobago – HealthCare goes Internet
An entire island state is now connected in a web-based health care project.

Trinidad & Tobago, the paradise islands of the Lesser Antilles (Caribbean), are home to more than 1.3 million inhabitants and dream islands of a large number of tourists, people who have to be supplied quickly, efficiently and comprehensively on possible health problems.

After extensive studies on the environment and the needs, after an intensive and comprehensive tender process, which also involved the local partner, Biomedical Technologies, Ltd.. (BMT), the state of Trinidad & Tobago, as well as the leading General Hospital Scarbourough decided to implement an area-wide and web-based healthcare solution.

Finally the VEPRO AG been awarded the contract for one of the largest IT projects in the Caribbean nation of "The networking of all hospitals in Trinidad and Tobago".

Any type of image and film data are collected and stored. Diagnoses and findings can be created quickly and easily. Teleradiology and telemedicine ensure a fast and efficient treatment. With this overall solution, the communication between the various hospitals and medical practices is possible.

On time at 11/29/2013 - accompanied by politics, the press and television, VEPRO handed over the all over all solution, consisting the VIS, EMR Manager and VHP modules, fully functional and equipped with historical patient data to the client, the General Hospital. This was preceded by intensive training of staff, training of on-site services and the integration of existing subsystems.

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Wolfgang Kersten

Member of the Board

"The intensive preparation of the Project Management under the guidance of our internationally experienced Project and Technical Teams and the online support by the Development Team in Pfungstadt contributed decisively that our client was able to work instantly and securely with the systems“.

Wolfgang Kersten, Member of the Management Board responsible for the area VEPRO Healthcare Sales said.