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Pfungstadt, 23. December 2013

Successful certifications of VEPRO AG beyond 2013

The new FDA certification by the end of 2017 is the confirmation of our successful quality assurance, which is the focus of our trade from the outset.

In addition, the VEPRO AG has successfully been certified on 29.09.2013 for the tenth time by DEKRA.

A regular reassessment, which was carried out by DEKRA between 13th and 15th of August 2013 led to the conclusion that VEPRO AG was confirmed both, the General Management Standard ISO 9001:2008 as well as the particular Standard for Medical Devices EN ISO 13485:2012 as a well-managed and excellent organized company.

The audit report highlights that "the management system of VEPRO AG has not only continued to develop during the period, but re-oriented and future-oriented, based on a very stringent and thoughtful strategy. The cross-interaction processes are documented and comprehensible documented in the process for all employees and it was also certified that the employees live it."

Declaration of Conformity FDA Zertifikat mit deutschem Begleittext FDA Certificate in english language DEKRA Zertifikat in deutscher Sprache DEKRA Certificate in english language Le certificat DEKRA en francais DICOM Conformance Statement in english language

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Since 2004 and all subsequent years, VEPRO AG was able to convince the auditors from the high company standards in all the monitoring and recertification audits. VEPRO AG is in a prime competitor position, even playing a leading role. Many competitors have already followed the example of VEPRO AG. So today some competitors do produce approved medical products according to the class Ilb standard to ensure diagnostic imaging.

Wolfgang Kersten

Member of the Board

Wolfgang Kersten, Chief Sales Officer and Member of the Board of VEPRO AG, said:

"The re-certification gives both, customers and prospective customers, the certainty that our" Medical Software Solutions for Diagnostic Imaging, the Management Software Tools and our Cloud Solutions, "establish a reliable infrastructure in the clinics. Therefore "delivering best quality for highest customer satisfaction" is a real unique selling point of our company we can be proud about". ".

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