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An introduction to VEPRO's management

Harald G. Roth


President: Harald G. Roth
Sphere of business: group strategy, organisation, controlling and accounting, software development

Harald G. Roth, born on 6 October 1954 in Pfungstadt, became certified as an industrial manager in 1972. In 1974 he completed IT training for IBM mainframe systems in order to become an IT operator and then an applications and systems programmer. After several years of experience in software development, he was certified as a systems analyst and process manager in 1979.

When the first desktop computers became available, he founded VEPRO in 1981 and has held the position of CEO ever since. After the company became VEPRO AG in 2003, Harald G. Roth was appointed President by the Supervisory Board.

President: Harald G.Roth

Bernd Reick

Supervisory Board Chair: Economist Bernd Reick

Bernd Reick was born in Emmendingen on 26 January 1951. After his Abitur in 1969, he studied economics at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Fribourg. He passed the economics qualification exam in 1974. Since 1987, Bernd Reick has been the managing partner at Reick und Partner, working as a tax consultant and certified public accountant. He was appointed as the Supervisory Board Chair of VEPRO AG in September 2003.

“Innovation and quality should always be the most important company goal. Our innovation comes from using state-of-the-art, multi-media technologies based on the most recent software developments. Our quality standard is expressed in a quote by Thomas Alva Edison: If there is a way to make something better, we will find it.”