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VIS - Vepro Information System

We work together to design your processes

The VEPRO Information System helps you design and optimise your individual processes. Real-time transparency throughout the entire clinic, as well as highly efficient processing across all departments and regions, let you transform your old operational procedures into time-saving processes. No matter which specialised area of your clinic is set to be integrated into the overall solution, you only purchase the software modules that you actually need for your specific tasks. This system not only replaces the static RIS, but also allows various internal and external mandates to be managed according to the same standards.

Operational procedures are precisely defined a single time, and are then assigned to requirements or tasks during everyday clinical work. After that, the user is always led through the necessary steps of the procedure. This ensures that procedures are only carried out by authorised persons. Documenting operational procedures – who, when, how and where a procedural step was taken and with what results – is the first step in introducing your own clinic-wide Quality Management System (QM).

Wherever the clinic management needs specific information about the number, length, or results of operational procedures, the integrated statistics module will provide all of the important data needed for making further decisions.

Here is one example of a typical VIS Workflow:

VIS Process Management