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Summary 1st eHealth workshop
in Trinidad and Tobago

....another key topic was "State of the Art" PACS in com­bination with a seamless workflow management system.

The first eHealth workshop in Trinidad and Tobago took place on 30 September 2015. Traditionally, this workshop is aimed to directors, physicians and IT managers from all over the Caribbean islands. The workshop was hosted at the Marriott Hotel in Port of Spain. The event was a big success and was fully booked.

Mr Duke represents the Scarborough General Hospital

Theme of the workshop was "eHealth Vision for Health Care". Among the topics Wolfgang Kersten (Figure 1), Member of the Board of VEPRO AG Ger­many, presented the medical cloud solution, te­le­me­di­cine and teleradiology and the electronic medical record.

An additional guest was Nigel A. Duke (Figure 2), IT Manager at Regional Health Authority (TRHA). Mr. Duke gave a presentation on the successful eHealth im­ple­men­ta­tion consisting of PACS (Picture Archive and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion System), workflow management system and medical cloud solution for telemedicine and te­le­ra­dio­logy from the Scarborough General Hospital, Tobago. He also highlighted how important a good and professional project management is and the benefits of the new eHealth solution for the island.

Wolfgang Kersten
(Figure 1)

Nigel A. Duke
(Figure 2)

Cem Kazancioglu
(Figure 3)

Another key topic was "State of the Art" PACS in combination with a seamless workflow management system presented by Cem Kazancioglu (Figure 3), an in­ter­na­tio­nal Consultant for VEPRO IT solutions. He stres­sed the benefits of modalities integration (En­ter­prise solution) and the paperless workflow concept.

There were lots of opportunities for stimulating discussions and conversations before and during the workshop. Another highlight which could be shown and demonstrated in a test environment was the "VHP cloud solution" with pictures, sequences, re­ports, documentations and communications. Fol­low­ing the event all participants got the presentations in digital format. If you interested we will gladly send you this presentation as well.

At this point we want to say thank to you all our guests, participants and speakers for the very successful and fruitful eHealth workshop 2015. We are looking forward to the next workshop in the coming year. If you have any suggestions or ideas for future workshop, please feel free to contact us.

Bem vindo a VEPRO

O seu parceiro para soluções modernas de IT no setor da saúde

Desde 1981, a VEPRO AG, provedora líder de soluções de IT no setor da medicina, é sinônimo de soluções de IT inovadoras, confiáveis e orientadas para o futuro.

Com os produtos:

- PACS / EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
- RIS / VIS (VEPRO Information System)
- Portal / VHP (VEPRO Health Portal)

oferecemos aos nossos clientes um leque de produtos completo para a gestão de imagem e processo como também para a transmissão de informação através da Web.

O pilar mais importante para o sucesso do grupo de empresas VEPRO é formado pelos mais de 100 colaboradores e parceiros de vendas mundialmente com clientes em mais de 60 paises.