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Project services
Turnkey production and configuration of complete IT systems
Validated hardware and software!

Servers, workstations, monitors or other central system components are only used in a VEPRO system if they have already been successfully validated and approved by our QM specialists prior to use.

Thus we meet the highest hardware requirements of a medical device, especially for a PACS system.
Installation and test run at VEPRO!

Our customers appreciate the high product quality and the safety of a reliable system. This excellent quality can only be achieved through the high production standards of the VEPRO in-house pre-installation:

  • Image installations for servers and workstations
  • Technical commissioning
  • Configuration of the operating system environment and APPs
  • Customer-specific configuration of all medical software programs
  • Performance measurements in isolated networks
  • Burn-in tests
  • 14 days of continuous operation
  • Final system acceptance before shipment
International Shipping!

Our logistics department ensures that your valuable IT system arrives safely at your facility. According to your shipping information, the shipment is properly packaged for air or sea freight and then goes on its journey to its destination.

All export formalities and the monitoring of the on-time arrival are handled by our logistics professionals.

Do you need a Pre-Shipment Certificate before shipment? No problem, our independent partner "TÜV Hessen" makes another quality and completeness check before shipping.
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