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VEPRO's WEBstudio is revolutionizing data management, information exchange and the cooperation among all healthcare providers - worldwide.

PACS, RIS, KIS, LIS ... work in the cloud ... wherever you are, whenever you want, with VEPRO’s WEBstudio, medical data is available anywhere in real time. Whether text, image or video. Whatever you prefer, a desktop system with multiple monitors or a mobile device, for the first time you have on all platforms:

  • the same professional functionality
  • the same diagnostic image quality
  • the same high performance
  • the same simple handling

Whether you work completely in the cloud, in the secure data center, or decide for a hybrid solution, WEBstudio represents a paradigm shift of medical data management.
WEBstudio mobilizes... Anytime you use all your medical apps, wherever you are. Whether in the hospital, at home or on the move, whether with a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you always have with WEBstudio a secure connection to your patient data.

No learning curve... you work with the same PACS and RIS, with the same full software functionality that you know from the desktop. For mobile devices, the software adapts automatically to the touch operation, but also to the smaller display size of a smartphone.
Work when and where you want... with VEPRO WEBstudio, medical services or administrative tasks are no longer bound on any location. Read your patient studies in the home office, have medical reports written by employees at home, and outsource tasks at peak loads to other service providers.
Flexible working time models... for employees are no longer a problem. The employee of the typing pool, who has a long journey to work, or a Radiologist who starts with family planning - you can now offer a working time model that fits exactly with their life model.

Data protection is always guaranteed... even when employees work outside, your data never leave your institution. Everyone works via an encrypted data connection with the patient data, locally in your institute or in the data center, without storing any data on end devices - as safe as in hospital or your imaging center.
WEBstudio apps… are available for all major operating systems as web or native app.
After a short download, in a few minutes your devices are ready for use.

Whether desktop or mobile devices, the apps are the gateway to each WEBstudio. With a click or touch you are connected to a WEBstudio in any hospital and use the provided programs as PACS or RIS in real time - wherever you are. As you leave work, you'll be able to continue working seamlessly on the mobile device.
The WEBstudio app can build any number of connections to different partners and institutes at the same time. With one click you are connected to the hospital in New-York, with another click you support the workflow of a practice in Paris.

From smartphone to tablet up to a 3-Monitor Diagnostic Workstation - all end devices allow the same unlimited functionality with the same user interface.
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