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Project services
Training before the training!

Already before the training in your house, we give your physicians and the medical technical personnel the possibility to get to know our products by video trainings in 4 languages.

Even a "work trial" of all users on a test system - via WEBstudio - provides the necessary assurance that they will be working with the new system productively from the first day on.
User and Admin training

Experienced application specialists train workflows and IT tools. You will be amazed how quickly and easily you can manage your daily work with the new solution. During the first days of system implementation, you will be accompanied by competent VEPRO staff, who will be always available to answer your questions.

VEPRO will take full responsibility for the service, but we will also be glad to train your system administrators in the basic functions of a complex RIS - PACS.
Training after the training!

Listening does not mean to understand everything at the same time.

That's why we offer our users follow-up trainings after a few weeks of working with the system. In this way, the RIS-PACS is used as efficiently and professionally as possible.
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