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About us

VEPRO has been one of the most experienced and innovative German eHealth companies for 40 years. With our own software development - Made in Germany - we install and support complete IT solutions worldwide: PACS, RIS, Messenger and Video conferencing, Referral or Patient portals.

Thousands of satisfied users in public and private hospitals or imaging centers have been working with VEPRO digital and filmless for decades, twice as fast and highly profitable.

In fact, all of our IT products can be used in the cloud in addition to traditional client server solutions.

Our WEBstudio app - for all your mobile devices or desktop systems - makes all existing IT solutions - cloud and mobile ready. Patient information is now available anytime and anywhere on all devices. You work when and where you want.

With WEBstudio and the video conferencing solution CRYPE, we are able to implement Medical 4.0, the fast, secure and simple networking of all healthcare providers - everything happens in real time, with the greatest possible data security, at the lowest cost.
Impressions:   1981 to today
How did the name VEPRO come about?

This question was asked in 1996 by a Korean partner at the end of a multi-day PACS training course in our company. The simple explanation for this was that in 1981 the first software in the field of veterinary medicine was developed for hospital administration and billing . This Veterenary programm was called VEPRO.
Since it was quickly established that the original name of the company: data and text organization Roth was a bit bulky and VEPRO as a product name established itself well in the market, we called the company   in short, VEPRO.
Our Korean partner was very surprised by this statement and commented it laughingly as follows: oh, i thought the VEPRO name stands for VEry PROfessional !?
Certainly, this interpretation very aptly describes the constant effort to always offer our national and international customers the best products and the most professional support.
Since when VEPRO covers the PACS market?

As early as 1990, the first software development in the field of PACS took place - starting in veterinary medicine.
With the first technical availability of a frame grabber for the digitization of video signals, ultrasound devices, endoscopy systems could be connected, but also X-ray images could be digitized and archived through high-resolution video cameras. As early as 1991, a PACS with complete integration into a hospital information system was presented at the World Congress for Veterinary Medicine in Vienna - a revolution at that time.
In the first year over 100 clinics and practices were equipped with this system - an economic success that enabled us to develop PACS   to pursue in human medicine, as PACS pioneer of the first hour.

Incredible hardware and software quality

In 1982, we installed a VEPRO system for a quarterly veterinarian in Germany for its automatic quarterly billing. After the training: no questions asked, no service cases.

Almost 20 years later, the customer called VEPRO for the first time with the following request:

"I have just written my last quarterly invoices and will retire next month. I no longer need my VEPRO computer. Do you have any customer who wants to buy this reliable system - is it almost as good as new? "

Unfortunately, we had to explain that after 20 years of use, a computer system is very difficult to resell. So that we could relieve the sadness of the doctor we bought it back for 1.000 DM.  Now it is ready to use in our showroom and still surprises employees and customers how reliable and durable a VEPRO system can be.
Experiences in the land of unlimited possibilities

Anyone who made a PACS presentation in the USA in the mid-90s was traveling with heavy equipment. In perfect transport packaging you should have a powerful PC with high-resolution CRT monitor on the plane. The business trip led from New York via Lexington to Los Angeles and should convince distribution partners to incorporate the VEPRO PACS in their product portfolio.

After arriving at the New York Hilton, a strong, dark-skinned hotel employee immediately took over the baggage responsibility and packed everything on the gold-coloured baggage carts. Monitor and Computer on top.
Even before the taxi could be paid, this eager employee maneuvered his luggage cart into the lobby and straight to the escalator in the basement. With a self-confidence reserved for the Americans, he went to the first step of the escalator. But already after a few seconds the gravity of the earth was greater than the stable storage of the luggage and computer and monitor flew in a wide arc towards the end of the escalator, which required a short "Sorry" from the employee.

Foreseeing the disaster and questioning the entire business trip, the potential damage in the hotel room was assessed. Although the monitor was damaged but still functional, the PC smashed, bent, the components scattered loose in the housing.
After ten hours journey, this was actually the reason for booking the return ticket, since hardly any business success was achievable without presentation equipment.
Maybe there was still a chance to breathe new life into the PC. But without tools this was not possible in the hotel room. But there should be tools in the rental car? Correct!
With a screwdriver, pliers and jack, the PC was first disassembled into all parts, the deformations directed, insulation spacers of the motherboard with chewing gum replaced and everything reinstalled rather temporary - glued with packing tape and where necessary with dental floss. Nobody thought it will be possible – but the PC resumed its service.
There was always a nervous shiver when you turned on the PC, but it did its job until the end of the business trip, and two successful deals could be made.
Does not work, does not exist!

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