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Safe and private communication
CRYPE is the ultimate app for confidential communication in private and business areas. Especially when communicating between healthcare providers or patients, the highest level of privacy is always guaranteed.
 Videoconference / Video Consultation

 Audio conference

 Screen sharing
Text - Video and Audio messages

 Data transfer: documents, pictures, video, audio




  Windows PC

In addition to the CRYPE apps, the following browsers are supported: Firefox,   Chrome,   Opera
Registered or rather anonymous?

CRYPE always gives you the choice to communicate as a registered or unregistered user - completely anonymously or publicly with other participants. As a registered user you decide which data will be published in the central CRYPE contact book.
Public and
Personal contact books

Use the search in public CRYPE Book to create your personal contact books, for private, business, or group contacts. Each CRYPE participant decides whether everyone is allowed to communicate with him or the contact request has to be confirmed.
Privacy by design!
CRYPE does not want your data -
         CRYPE wants your confidence!

CRYPE does not collect any data!
CRYPE only manages the necessary information for the safe and efficient maintenance of the CRYPE Communication Service and an international contact book. Information exchanged between CRYPE participants is only stored at the sender or receiver.
Transparent safety standards:

  • Encryption of any communication
  • Device to device connections (P2P)
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