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myMEDIhub for healthcare providers
Patient and Referrer portal
myMEDIhub collects any kind of medical patient data, whether text, image or video, in a health portal and makes this data available to patients and doctors via WEB. But also your referring physicians or patients can publish their own patient data via drag & drop - a multimedia exchange of all necessary medical information becomes true.
Patient CD was yesterday!

Why burn medical images on a CD, send them to other healthcare providers or give them to the patient? Why not sending the data directly to the myMEDIhub cloud. You allow your patients or cooperating physicians to access or download this information.

A text message or e-mail reminds you of new health data in myMEDIhub.

There is no faster, more efficient and cost-saving way for exchanging medical information.

Local, regional, national

You think locally: Then use myMEDIhub for your own imaging center or hospital.

You think bigger: By networking with other health service providers in a region, a personal health record is created for your patients.

You think very big: How about implementing a central health record in an entire country?

You decide: myMEDIhub Cloud in the secure certified data center or locally in-house.

Role-based access permissions allow all participants the secure and authorized usage of this portal.
Of course, data communication and patient data are encrypted.

myMEDIhub for patients
myMEDIhub - enables your personal health record - all medical examination results of your specialist and hospital are published here - a central patient record with all your important health data is created.
Why is a personal health record so important?

The family doctor who has been treating you since birth and knows all your health problems, has long been an obsolete model. Medical diagnostics and therapies
are now shared professionally by different specialists who know your current problem, but not your whole health history.

For optimal diagnosis and successful treatment, information from previous illnesses and therapies may be vital. Due to the lack of information often burdening double examinations are necessary, it comes to double or mistreatments or even to adverse interactions of drugs.
Health history in one record

X-ray images, CT examinations, videos, laboratory results, all medical examination results will be provided by your doctor or yourself in one central health record.

People of your trust can be invited to your health record via e-mail or text message link. For optimal medical care, healthcare providers, family members or caregivers worldwide can access this data.
Everything under control

As a patient you always have the data sovereignty with myMEDIhub, you decide:

  • whom you give access to your patient file
  • whether you release the entire patient file or only episodes
  • which editing rights you give someone
  • how long someone has access
  • whether you add your own information to your patient record
  • whether you store your data centrally or locally on your own PC or smartphone
  • which health data you like to delete

You always have the overview:

  • who accessed my data and when
  • who currently has access rights to which data

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